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Apex – MAP

Adding a key/value to a Map in a standard way: Map intMap = new Map();intMap.put(‘AA’, 100);intMap.put(‘BB’, 200);intMap.put(‘CC’, 300);for (Integer s: intMap.Values()) {system.debug(s);} Map intMap = new Map{‘A’ => 0, ‘b’ => 1,’C’ => 2}; for (Integer s: intMap.Values()) {system.debug(s);} Favorite

Before vs. After Triggers

Before vs. After Triggers It is generally better to use before triggers where possible. The biggest advantage of before triggers is that any field changes you make to an object do not require a SOQL or DML operation – so they are easier on limits. In addition, during a before operation, you have access to […]

Lifecycle Hooks in Mounting Phase in LWC – Parent/Child

Life Cycle Parent Component: Life Cycle Child Component: Favorite

Dynamic CSS in LWC


Accessing Elements in the Component in LWC


Template Looping in LWC


Conditional Rendering in LWC

HTML: I’m visible You can’t see me! You see me!  JS: Favorite

Use Getters and Setters

HTML JS: Favorite

Lightning Aura Component CSV Uploader

Uploading the CSV file and view the output using Aura Component. Component: Controller: Helper: Apex Controller: Output: CSV File: Happy coding! Favorite

Control users can access

Salesforce provides a flexible, layered sharing model that makes it easy to assign different data sets to different sets of users. This ensures you can balance security and convenience, minimizing the risk of stolen or misused data while making sure that all users can easily access the data they need. Salesforce includes simple–to–configure security controls […]

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