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How to generate Salesforce report using APEX


Measure lightning page load times

When using the Lightning Experience, there are some best practices to consider when measuring the time it takes for individual lightning pages to load. There are two ways that you can enable a load time counter directly in the Lightning interface: This setting adds a counter in the top right corner of the Lightning interface […]

Calling API endpoint

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Queueable Apex

What is Queueable Apex: Asynchronous operation that combined the best features of future calls with the best features of batch Apex. Queueable Apex is as fast, or faster than regular future calls. And it’s chainable, with certain restrictions. And it’s much easier to use than batch Apex. Queueable Apex jobs have other advantages. They have […]

Send Reports via Email using Apex

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Apex – MAP

Adding a key/value to a Map in a standard way: Map intMap = new Map();intMap.put(‘AA’, 100);intMap.put(‘BB’, 200);intMap.put(‘CC’, 300);for (Integer s: intMap.Values()) {system.debug(s);} Map intMap = new Map{‘A’ => 0, ‘b’ => 1,’C’ => 2}; for (Integer s: intMap.Values()) {system.debug(s);} Favorite

Dynamic CSS in LWC


Accessing Elements in the Component in LWC


Conditional Rendering in LWC

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Use Getters and Setters

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