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November, 2016

Salesforce Custom Colors and Icons

I recently was asked about the custom colors and icons that we use for our Link Management Application and the person was wondering how they could incorporate the use of those colors into their sControls. Since I had to put all of that information together for our App, I decided why not share that with […]

Deploying Metadata with the Migration Tool

Deploying Metadata with the Migration Tool< Favorite

POST Data to HttpRequest/HttpResponse

Another common use case for HTTP callouts is sending data to a service. For instance, when you buy the latest Justin Bieber album or comment on your favorite “Cat in a Shark Costume Chases a Duck While Riding a Roomba” video, your browser is making a POST request to submit data. Let’s see how we […]

Get Data from HttpRequest/HttpResponse

First Authorize Endpoint Addresses: Authorize Endpoint Addresses We love security at Salesforce! So, any time you make a callout to an external site we want to make sure that it is authorized. We can’t have code calling out willy-nilly to any endpoint without prior approval. Before you start working with callouts, update the list of […]

Trigger: Adding Related Records

This trigger adds a related opportunity for each new or updated account if no opportunity is already associated with the account. The trigger first performs a SOQL query to get all child opportunities for the accounts that the trigger fired on. Next, the trigger iterates over the list of sObjects in Trigger.New to get each […]