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December, 2017

How the Salesforce Platform Enforces Authorization

In most cases the platform automatically enforces admin-configured authorization settings, so your job is easy. However, because the platform is flexible, there are certain cases where developers can bypass authorization settings. To understand why and where this happens, you need to understand the two execution contexts that a app runs in: user and system. […]

Authorization in Salesforce

Access to online data is generally restricted to only those who are identified, authenticated, and authorized. There are three main ways: –> Create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) settings ——–> Determine which objects a user can create, read, update, and delete –> Field level security (FLS) settings ——-> Determine which fields a user can read […]

using string literals

Literal strings must be enclosed in single quotation marks. double quotation marks are reserved for enclosing attribute values, and must be escaped in strings. Use the “\” character to escape strings. Favorite