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Obscure Salesforce object key prefixes
This is a reference to some common and more obscure Salesforce key prefixes that I’ve encountered. (Last updated for Spring 17)

You may like to vote for the idea: Provide an Admin page that lists all the accessible key prefixes within an Org

What is a key prefix?
You can get an overview of how Salesforce Id’s are composed in the linked Salesforce StackExchange question.

The short version looks like this:

KKK – the key prefix unique to the entity type. E.g. 006 is an Opportunity
PP – Pod Identifier. E.g. the na2 instance will use 30
R – Reserved for future system use.
NNNNNNNNN – Unique alpha numeric identifier.
SSS – Optional 3 character suffix to make Id’s case-insensitive.
Key Prefix Object Type
000 Empty Key
001 Account
002 Note
003 Contact
005 User
006 Opportunity
007 Activity
008 OpportunityHistory
00B ListView
00D Organization
00E UserRole
00G Group
00I Partner
Also OpportunityPartner, which “is automatically created when a Partner object is created for a partner relationship between an account and an opportunity”
00J OpportunityCompetitor
00K OpportunityContactRole
00N CustomFieldDefinition – Setup > Create > Objects > [Your Object] > [Your Field]
00O Report
00P Attachment
00Q Lead
00S ImportQueue
00T Task
00U Event
00X EmailTemplate
00Y EmailTemp
00a CaseComment or IdeaComment
Use caution as there are at least two object types exposed via the partner API with the same keyPrefix!
00a IdeaComment or CaseComment
Use caution as there are at least two object types exposed via the partner API with the same keyPrefix!
00b WebLink – Custom Button or Link – CUSTOM_RESOURCE_LINK
00c Training
00e Profile
00h Layout – Page Layout
00i Pricebook
00k OpportunityLineItem
00l Folder
00o OpportunityLineItemSchedule
Represents information about the quantity, revenue distribution, and delivery dates for a particular OpportunityLineItem.
Products, Price Books, and Schedules Overview
00p UserTeamMember
00q OpportunityTeamMember – “This object is available only in organizations that have enabled team selling.”
00r AccountShare
00s AccountOwnerSharingRule
00t OpportunityShare
00u OpportunityOwnerSharingRule
00v CampaignMember
010 CaseSolution
011 GroupMember
012 RecordType
013 RecordTypePicklist
014 ProfileRecordType
015 Document
016 BrandTemplate (Letterhead)
017 Entity History
018 EmailStatus
019 BusinessProcess
01A BusinessProcessPicklist
01B LayoutSection
01C LayoutItem
01D UserAccountTeamMember
01G ProfileLayout
01H MailmergeTemplate
01I CustomEntityDefinition – a.k.a. External Object
01J PicklistMaster
01N Scontrol
01P ProfileTabConfiguration / PermissionSetTabSetting
01Q WorkflowRule – AssignmentRule
01R RuleFilter
01S RuleFilterItem
01T RuleFilterAction
01U ActionAssignEscalate
01V ActionTask
01W ActionEmail
01X ActionEmailRecipient
01Y CampaignMemberStatus
01Z Dashboard
01a DashboardComponent
01b ListViewCriterion
01c ListViewDisplayColumn
01e PicklistSet
01g API_QUERY – The first part of the QueryLocatory returned for an API SOQL query that needs to be paged.
01h Translation
01j LocalizedValue
01k FieldPermissions – a.k.a. PROFILE_FLS_ITEM
01l ActionResponse
01m BusinessHours
01n CaseShare
01o LeadShare
01p ApexClass
01q ApexTrigger
01r CustomTabDefinition – Visualforce Tab
01s Pricebook2
01t Product2
01u PricebookEntry
01v PricebookShare
01w OpportunityUpdateReminder
01y CaseOwnerSharingRule
01z CaseEscalation
020 EventAttendee / ExternalIdMap
022 FiscalYearSettings
023 Calendar
024 CalendarShare
025 ListLayoutItem
026 Period
02A LeadOwnerSharingRule
02B LabelDefinition
02C LabelData
02D CaseHistory2
02F CustomFieldMap
02G TenantSecret
02J RecommendationAudience / MH_GOLD_CONTACT
02N ContentLogMetricsByOrg / MH_GREEN_GIVE_INFO
02T CustomPage
02U CustomPageItem
02V PageComponent
02X CustomPageProfile
02Y UserComponentData
02Z AccountContactRole
02a ContractContactRole
02b ComponentResourceLink
02c Sharing Rule
02f DelegateGroup
02g DelegateGroupMember
02h DelegateGroupGrant
02i Asset
02k ListLayout
02m CustomIndex
02n CategoryNode
02o CategoryData
02p DivTransferEvent
02q LayoutItemColumn
02r OpportunityAlert
02s EmailMessage
02t EmailRoutingAddress
02u TabSet – AKA. Apps
02v TabSetMember
02w LoginIpRange
02x LoginHours
02y ReportAggregate
02z ReportColorRange
033 AllPackage – Package being built in the developer org
034 PackageMember
035 SelfServiceUser
036 JobQueue
037 ReportColumn
038 ReportFilterItem
039 ReportBreak
03D ContactOwnerSharingRule
03E GatherStatsTaskInfo
03G AccountCriteriaSharingRule
03H ContactCriteriaSharingRule
03I CaseCriteriaSharingRule
03J ChatterMessage
03K ChatterMessageThread
03M ChatterConversation
03N ChatterConversationMember
03P DataAssessmentMetric
03S ContentAsset
03U DataAssessmentBIMetrics
03V CampaignInfluenceModel
03Y InteractionScreenRule
03Z InteractionScreenRuleAction
03Q DataAssessmentFieldMetric
03R DataAssessmentValueMetric
03a DependentPicklist
03c LayoutRightPanel
03d ValidationFormula – Validation Rule
03e CustomSetupDefinition
03f CustomSetup
03g QueueSobject
03i ConsoleConfig
03j CaseContactRole
03k ConsoleConfigItem
03n ApexClassIdentifier
03q ApexClassIdentifierRelationship
03s ContactShare
03u UserPreference
040 ReportParam
043 OutboundField
044 ExternalizedReference
045 PartnerNetworkSetup
04B Bookmark
04E SandOmObserver
04F LoginGeo
04G DatacloudIndustryCode
04H InstanceDirective
04I EmbeddedServiceConfig
04P PartnerNetworkConnection
04Q LogAnalysisRun
04R LogAnalysisItem
04V PartnerNetworkRecordConnection
04W RevenueForecastHistory
04X QuantityForecastHistory
04Y ActionFieldUpdate – Field Update
04Z EntityLock
04a ProcessDefinition
04b ProcessNode
04c ProcessTransition
04d ProcessTransitionCondition
04e ProcessActionItem
04f ProcessWorkitemProperties
04g ProcessInstance
04h ProcessInstanceStep
04i ProcessInstanceWorkitem
04j ProcessAllowedSubmitter
04k ActionOutboundMessage – Outbound Message Id
04l OutboundMessage – Outbound Notification Id
04m AdditionalNumber
04n SoftphoneLayout
04o SoftphoneLayoutSection
04p SoftphoneLayoutItem
04q SoftphoneLayoutInfoField
04r SoftphoneLayoutCallType
04s AsyncRequest – AsyncResult, DeployResult
04t AllPackageVersion – Install Package
04u ActionOverride
04v CallCenter
04w DatedConversionRate
04x PackageExtension
04y ListColumn
04z LayoutItemActionRef
050 PackageLicense
051 UserPackageLicense
052 SfdcOutboundMessage
053 WorkflowTimeTrigger
054 WorkflowTimeAction
055 WorkflowTimeQueue
056 ContentTagName
057 ContentDocumentSubscription
058 ContentWorkspace
059 ContentWorkspaceDoc
05A ContentWorkspaceMembership
05B CampaignCriteriaSharingRule
05C ContentVersionComment
05D ContentDistribution
05E AsyncApiBatchOptions
05F ApexTestSuite
05G IpWhitelist
05H ContentDistributionView
05I CampaignSharingRuleFilterItem
05J ContentVersionRating
05K ContentVersionRenditionContent
05L DBCThumbnailFilter
05M Experiment
05N ContentVersionTagName
05P ContentWorkspacePermission
05Q ContentTagSubscription
05R ContentWorkspaceSubscription
05S ContentUserSubscription
05T ContentContent
05U EntityFeedLayout
05V ContentNotification
05W ContentNotificationParam
05X DocumentAttachmentMap
05Z ContentWorkspaceRecentEvent
05a DataStatistics
05c CopyExportChunk2
05d CopyImportChunk2
05e CopyEntityTally2
05f AcceptedRecommendation
05g TwoFactorTempCode
05k ColorDefinition
05m ApexTestRunResult
05n ApexTestResultLimits
05o EclairNgMapGeoJson
05p EclairNgMap
05t CustomEntityTranslation
060 Portal
061 PortalAccount
062 PortalStyleConfig
063 MobileConfig
064 QuerySet
065 QuerySetItem
066 ApexPage
067 PortalMember
068 ContentVersion
069 ContentDocument
06A ContentDocumentLink
06B ContentWorkspaceAllowedRecType
06E DandBCompany
06F EmailCapture
06G CustomConsoleComponent
06N ApplicationDependency
06O ServiceDeskAttributes
06P Application – Connected App
06Y FeedActionDefinition
06a LocalNamespace
06b FeedActionState
06d GrantedByLicense
06e DdcProspectorMetrics
06h FileSearchActivity
06i FlexQueueItem
06j ApexEmailNotification
06k ProfileActionOverride
06m AppDefinition
06o AppTabMember
06p NotifTypeUserSetting
06r AppNotificationType
06s SkinnyTable
06t SkinnyTableField
06v AppNotifTypeUserSetting
06w AppBrand
070 CustomReportType
071 CrtObject
072 CrtColumn – Related to reports in some way.
073 CrtLayoutSection
074 CorsWhitelistEntry
075 DuplicateErrorLog
076 RateLimitingNotification
077 ApiCapture
078 ApiUsage
079 MobileMarkedRecord
07A MassMail
07D FeedPostTemplate
07E Sandbox
07F FeedFavorite
07G SummaryRecalcQueue
07H ContentFolder
07I ContentFolderMember
07J ComponentObjectDependency
07K ComponentFeatureDependency
07L ApexLog
07M ApexTestResult
07N ActionLinkTemplateBinding
07O Canvas
07P EntitySizeJob
07R DataCategoryMapping
07S CleanDataSource / CleanDataService
07T AuthConfig
07U AuthConfigProviders
07V ActionSend
07W CustomBrand
07X CustomBrandAsset
07Y CleanRule / BatchOrgSizeJob
07Z EntityDataSize
07a ApexDebuggerSession
07b ApexDebuggerBreakpoint
07c ApexDebuggerRequest
07d ApexDebuggerEvent
07e FeedPostTemplateItem
07g ActionLinkGroupTemplate
07h ConnectedAppOauthPolicy
07i CleanRule
07j ContentSyncSetting
07k AccountContactRelation
07l ActionLinkTemplate
07m DatacloudAddress
07n ApexExecutionOverlayResult
07o EntityLimit
07p UserAppMenuItem
07u UserEntityAccess
07v ContentFolderLink
07w DatacloudIndustryChapter
07x DatacloudIndustrySubChapter
07y DatacloudIndustryContent
07z DatacloudIndustry
080 PacCrudPermission
081 StaticResource
082 UninstallExport – Data from Uninstalled Packages? A zip containing CSVs.
083 Vote
084 VoteConfig
085 VoteStats
086 MobileDevice
087 Idea
08C DatacloudContact
08E AddressCountry
08F AddressState
08G CleanJobLog
08H CleanBatchErrorLog
08I CleanEntityErrorLog
08K DuplicateRuleMatchRule
08M FeedAttachment
08O FTestSystemCatalogEntity
08P BackgroundOperation
08Q ForecastingOwnerAdjustment
08R FeedMute
08U FeedRevision
08V FTestMetadataCatalogEntity
08W DashboardGridLayout
08X DashboardGridComponent
08a CronJobDetail
08d CampaignOwnerSharingRule
08e CronTrigger
08g CronFiredTrigger
08h EmbeddedServiceLiveAgent
08j ArtifactOauthConsumer
08l AQTWorkloadData
08n AqtCompoundRecommendedIndex
08o AqtCreatedIndex
08r AqtLongRunningRequestData
08s CampaignShare
08t AqtRIRequestMap
08u AqtRecommendedIndex
08v AqtAwrData
08x InstancePerm
08y CspTrustedSite
090 MobileExcludedField
091 EmailServicesFunction
092 Weekly Data Export
093 EmailServicesAddress
094 MobileView
095 MobileViewSortColumn
096 MobileViewDisplayColumn
097 MobileViewFilter
098 GoogleDoc
099 ApexComponent
09A FeedPollChoice
09B FeedPollVote
09C AsyncApiJobMatchDetail
09D QuickActionDefinition
09E AsyncApiBatchMatchDetail
09F DatacloudPurchaseUsage
09G EnvironmentHubInvitation
09H ConnectedApplication2
09I QuickActionListItem
09J QuickActionList
09K DatacloudCompany
09L ActionFlow
09M ActionFlowParam
09N DatacloudDandBCompany
09O DatacloudOwnedEntity
09P EmailDomainKey
09S AsyncRequestFFX
09T AsyncRequestFFXResult
09U DomainCookieStore
09V DashboardStickyFilter
09W ThirdPartyAccountLinkLocal
09X DcSocialProfileHandle
09Y DcSocialProfile
09Z FeedFilterDefinition
09a Community
09d FeedFilterCriterion
09e InvocableAction
09f InvocableActionParameter
09g InvocableActionPicklist
09h IncrementalCandidate
09j QoptimizerOption / IpRange
09k IconDefinition
09m FeedEntityUnpublished
09t UiFormulaRule
09v SecurityCustomBaseline
09z EmbeddedServiceQuickAction
0ab AuraDefinitionBundleInfo
0ad AuraDefinitionInfo
0am AudienceMembership
0A0 ReportJob
0A1 ReportJobFieldMap
0A2 DevelopmentPackageVersion – Change Set
0A3 InstalledPackageVersion – Installed Package
0A4 ProcessTransitionApprover
0A5 AllManagedPackageMember
0A7 CustomShareRowCause
0A8 ReportJobRun
0A9 ReportJobRunError
0AB ProfilePortalDelegate
0AD PackageEvent
0AF FolderShare
0AH CompactLayout
0AI FirehoseCheckpoint
0AJ ComponentInstanceProperty
0AK ComponentInstance
0AL ExternalSocialAccount
0AM CompactLayoutItem
0AN CompactLayoutMapping
0AO CopyExport
0AP CopyImport
0AQ CopyExportChunk
0AR CopyImportChunk
0AS CopyEntityTally
0AT EventLogFile
0AU AuthSecurityLevel
0AV CopyExportObserverInfo
0AW CanvasFeedItem
0AX ConsolePersonalization
0AZ ActionApex
0Aa CollaborationGroupRecord
0Ab AuraDefinitionBundle
0Ad AuraDefinition
0Af DeployRequest
0Ag ActionLinkGroup
0Ai DeployMessage
0Aj AsyncApiTransformationSpec
0Ak AuthSession
0Al DeployTestResult
0Am SplitMapping
0An ActionLink
0Ao SplitPod
0Ap Split
0Aq ActionLinkGroupAssoc
0Ar SplitAction
0As SplitActionResult
0At ActionLinkUserState
0Au AnalyticNotification
0Av AnalyticThreshold
0Aw AnalyticCondition
0Ax ContentVersioningPolicy
0Ay AnalyticAction
0Az AuraResource
0B0 MobileEntitySetting
0B1 MessageIdentifier
0B2 PortalLanguageConfig
0B3 PortalLanguageTabConfig
0B9 MobileTab
0BA CustomDataType
0BB CustomDataTypeComponent
0BC CustomFieldDataColumn
0BE FileFieldData
0BF ComponentAppVersion
0BG CampaignInfluenceAdjustment
0BH AllManagedClassRelationship
0BI ContentVersionMap
0BJ ActionAssignTeam
0BL PackageIdMapping
0BM Connection – Salesforce to Salesforce
0BR LogSearchResult
0BV OpportunityCriteriaSharingRule
0BW MobilePushDevice
0BX HistoricalEntityConfig
0BY MqSlaRequest
0BZ EmailBrand
0Ba LoginBrandAsset
0Bb LoginBrand
0Bc MqSlaJob
0Bd HistoricalFieldConfig
0Be HistoricalTransactionPrefix
0Bf HistoricalStaging
0Bi HistoricalSelectorValue
0Bk HistoricalSelector
0Bl BlacklistedConsumer
0Bm DuplicateRule
0Bn ConsoleSidebarContainer
0Bo SidebarComponentLayout
0Bp ListPoolUsage
0Bs DatacloudSocialHandle
0Bt Announcement
0Bu DunsRightAsyncBatch
0Bv DunsRightAsyncAccountRecord
0Bw EltWorkflow
0Bx DunsRightAsyncChunk
0By ContentDispositionAssignment
0C0 Holiday
0C2 MobileSession
0C3 RequestThrottle
0C5 Skill
0C3 LiveChatUserConfig
0C8 LongJob
0C9 SkillUser
0CA SkillProfile
0CB LiveChatUserConfigUser
0CC SiteChangelistComponent
0CD LiveChatUserConfigProfile
0CE GroupSubscription
0CF ChatterNowUserFavorites
0CG MailAppSettings
0CH ContentHubItem
0CI EntityImplements
0CJ FieldImplements
0CK MailAppExchangeWhitelist
0CL SiteChangelist
0CM ChatSessionMembers
0CO MailAppExchangeUserMap
0CP CustomPermission
0CQ OauthToken
0CS ChatterNowUserSettings
0CU OrgSizingDataHolder
0CW OrgSizingInfo
0CX MobilePushUserUpdate
0CZ EmailMessageRelation
0Cg OrganizationValueInfo
0Ch LayoutParticle
0Ci AppManifest
0Cj OperationLog
0Cl ForecastingUserPreference
0Cn NotificationMember
0Ct ManagedContentBlock
0Cu ManagedContentBlockVersion
0Cv KanbanView
0Cy OwnerChangeOptionInfo
0Cz Setting
0D0 CustomIndexUsage
0D1 DataCategoryGroup
0D2 OrgWideEmailAddress
0D3 OrgEmailAddressSecurity
0D4 LeadCriteriaSharingRule
0D5 FeedItem or NewsFeed or UserProfileFeed
Use caution as there are at least three object types exposed via the partner API with the same keyPrefix!
0D6 FeedTrackedChange
0D7 FeedComment
0D8 AllManagedMemberOption
0D9 LeadSharingRuleFilterItem
0DA EntityCategoryGroup
0DB Network
0DC ProcessTransitionAction
0DD SynonymGroup
0DE Synonym
0DF VersionSet – encodes your package version selections when the enterprise WSDL was generated. See Package Version Settings
0DG NamedFilter
0DH FieldAttributes
0DL NetworkMemberGroup
0DM Site
0DN SitePageOverride
0DO NetworkMember
0DQ IndexKeyDefinitionItem
0DR AndroidPushApplicationSetup
0DS AppMenuItem
0DT IdeaReputationLevel
0DU LimitUsageHistory
0DV PushUpgradeRequest
0DX PushUpgradeJob
0DY PushUpgradeJobError
0DZ LiveChatTranscriptEvent
0Db ForecastingType
0Dd ListViewChart
0De ListViewChartInstance
0Df InstanceSizeJob
0Dg FeedEntry
0Dh MaterializedFeedEntry
0Di FeedClumpMapping
0Dj FeedClumpInfo
0Dk ObjectMapping
0Dl ObjectMappingField
0Dm NetworkSelfRegistration
0Dp NetworkPageOverride
0Dq AuthenticatorPairing / TwoFactorAuthPairing
0Dr MailAppOwaWhitelist
0Ds UserAppInfo
0Dt OrgSigningKey
0Du ExchangeUserMapping
0Dv NotifTypeOrgSetting
0Dy GlobalVariableType
0Dz OptimizerMetricsAverage
0E0 EmailSyncConfig
0E1 EmailSyncEntitySetting
0E2 EmailSyncFieldMapping
0E3 EmailSyncValueMapping
0E4 EmailConfigEntitySetting
0E5 EmailUserEntitySetting
0E6 EmailSyncAdvancedSetting
0E8 EntitySubscription
0EA PackageVersionPatchOrg
0EB Renderer
0ED LpuAccessMapping
0EE DeployDirection
0EF RequestTrace
0EG ReportChart
0EH SummaryLayout
0EI SummaryLayoutItem
0EJ SummaryLayoutSliceInfo
0EM ContentReference – Appears next to refid query string parameter when pulling images. See rtaimage servlet parameters…what does the refid refer to?
0EO PicklistItemProperty
0EP InboundChangeSet
0EQ CategoryJobTask
0ER RichTextAreaFieldData
0EV AllInstalledPackageVersion
0EW ChangeSetDeployHistory
0EX ChangeSetDeployMessage
0EZ S2XExchOAuthCredential
0Eb ModuleDependency
0Ee HistoricalDataFilter
0Ef HistoricalDataFilterItem
0Eg GlobalDbKey
0Eh TodayCard
0El InstalledMobileApp
0Em TodayCardProperty
0En ReadOnlyMemcachedServer
0Ep ReadOnlyUserLogin
0Eq LeadConvertSettings
0Er PlatformCachePartition
0Es TemplateDeployment
0Et ReadOnlyAuthSession
0Eu TemplateDeploymentItem
0Ev PlatformCachePartitionType
0Ex PlatformCacheTrial
0Ey ReadOnlyRedisServer
0Ez ReadOnlyLoginHistory
0F0 EmailTempAttachmentMap
0F1 DuplicateRuleFilter
0F2 HadoopCounter
0F3 ReportBlock
0F5 PhotoItem
0F7 FeedPost
0F8 SoftphoneScreenPopOption
0F9 CollaborationGroup
0FA CsnDomain
0FB CollaborationGroupMember
0FG MobilePushServiceDevice
0FH LinkReference
0FI DuplicateRuleFilterItem
0FM FeedMapping
0FO AssistantProgress / OrgSizeJob
0FP ReportRunTracker
0FQ TrialMaster
0FR PackageOperationError
0FT TopicAssignment
0FX QoptimizerLimitOverride
0Fa ContextFieldAttributes
0Fe IdentityConnector
0Ff InboundSocialPost
0Fg InteractionLoop
0Fh InteractionActionCall
0Fi InteractionActionCallParam
0Fj InteractionMetadataValue
0Fl ContentRenditionPolicy
0Fo FlowInterview
0Fp HammerResultStatus
0Fq FeedChannel
0Fr FeedChannelSubscription
0Fs OrderOwnerSharingRule
0Ft OrderCriteriaSharingRule
0Fu OrderSharingRuleFilterItem
0Fv InteractionRefOrValue
0Fy OrderShare
0Fz IndexKeyDefinition
0G1 FeedFieldHistory
0G2 ForecastingCompositeKey
0G3 ForecastingItem
0G4 OracleAwrSqlstat
0G5 OracleAwrSqltext
0G6 ForecastingFact
0G7 ForecastingAdjustment
0G8 ReportBucketField
0G9 AccountSharingRuleFilterItem
0GC EmailDisclaimer
0GD ReportBucketFieldValue
0GE ReportBucketFieldSourceValue
0GH SchemaBuilderLayout
0GI SchemaBuilderLayoutItem
0GJ ApplePushApplicationSetup
0GK DuplicateRecordSet
0GL DuplicateRecordItem
0GM MetadataIdentifier
0GN MetadataContent
0GO LiveChatSensitiveDataRule
0GP ProspectorRecModel
0GQ SandboxInfo
0GR SandboxProcess
0GS S2XEventMap
0GT S2XContactMap
0GU LongRunningRequest
0GV SiteDetail
0GW RelatedEntity
0GY Tombstone
0Ga RecommendedIndex
0Gc RecommendedIndexLrrMap
0Gf InterestingSqlFromAwr
0Gm S2XEventTxnProps
0Gi SecurityHealthCheck
0Go AssistantInteraction
0Gp UiFormulaCriterion
0Gq IntelligenceField
0Gr UiFormulaRuleAssignment
0Gu SCSTermsOfService
0Gw S2XSandmanError
0Gx FormulaOperator
0Gy DiscoveryUserLicense
0Gz DiscoveryOrgLicense
0H0 SiteRedirectMapping
0H1 CollaborationInvitation
0H2 LpuSharingSet
0H4 ConnectedApplication
0H6 ChangeSetUploadHistory
0H7 PackageSupportAccess
0H9 OracleAwrSqlignore
0HC RecordSalt
0HD PackageUploadRequest
0HE SettingsTemplate
0HF ReadOnlyLoginMessage / PublishEvent
0HG EntitySharingModel
0HI ReportBlockAggregate
0HJ LiveChatButtonDeployment
0HK LiveAgentSession
0HN TwoFactorInfo
0HO MobilePushSetupRegistry
0HP UserProvisioningRequest
0HQ ReadOnlyAppserver
0HR MetricsTransmissionHistory
0HS SharingOperation
0HT ScrutinyRun
0HU ProfileSessionSetting
0HV ProfilePasswordPolicy
0HW ConnectedAppSessionPolicy
0HX UserProvMockTarget
0HY UserProvAccountStaging
0HZ ConnectedAppPlugin
0Ha SandOmInfo
0Hc ProfileTabSetConfiguration
0Hd TestSuiteMembership
0He CaptchaKey
0Hf PackageInstallRequest
0Hg SandstormWhitelist
0Hi AppIpRange
0Hj AppManifestVersion
0Hk ConnectivityDevConfig
0Hl ConnectivityAttributes
0Hp SandOmImportInfoDetail
0Hq SandOmInfoDetail
0Hs UserProvisioningLog
0Ht SandOmImportInfo
0Hz ExperimentRequest
0I0 FeedLike
0I1 DbLockUsage
0I2 SiteAsset
0I3 SiteComponent
0I4 Domain
0I5 CollaborationGroupMemberRequest
0I6 OpportunitySharingRuleFilterItem
0I7 CaseSharingRuleFilterItem
0I8 ContactSharingRuleFilterItem
0I9 ReportObjectFilterItem
0IA KnowledgeLanguageConfig
0IB DashboardFilter
0IC DashboardFilterItem
0ID DashboardFilterRepCol
0IF PushTopic
0IG MobileDeviceRegistrar
0II FeedCrossReference
0IO BrandingValue
0IS ApexComponentAttribute
0IT GridforceJob
0IU HadoopJob
0IV LogSearch
0IW MobileApplicationDetail
0IX FieldSet
0IY FieldSetItem
0IZ JiffyTrace
0Ia CustomEntityTruncateInfo
0Ib MatchingInformation
0Id NetworkModeration
0Ie SupervisorAgentConfigSkill
0If LiveChatButtonSkill
0Ig LiveChatTranscriptSkill
0Ih ServiceDeskComponent
0Ii PushProfileMapping
0Ij PushIntent
0Ik Module
0Il ScrutinyPkChunkData
0In PhoenixDataSync
0Io RawEmail
0It WaveDataConnector
0Iu WaveBaseDataset
0Iv WaveBaseField
0Iw RecommendationMetric
0Iy SplitFrameworkResult
0Iz PackageDependency
0J0 SetupEntityAccess
0J1 EnvironmentHubMember
0J2 Personalization
0J3 EnvironmentHubMemberRel
0J4 SPSamlAttributes
0J5 PredictiveModel
0J7 EnvironmentHub
0J8 ServiceDeskHotkey
0J9 ForecastingQuota
0JD MatchingRule
0JE MatchingRuleItem
0JF NotifDeliveryUserPref
0JJ MatchIndexValue
0JK MatchIndexDefinition
0JL ServiceDeskCustomStyling
0JM OauthTokenLocal
0JO SearchActivity
0JP RecordOrigin
0JS JigsawSavedSearch
0JT JobTracker
0JU UserListViewCriterion
0JV PlatformAction
0JW SetupNode
0JX SetupCustomNode
0JY MacroAction
0JZ Macro
0Ja ReadOnlyOauthToken
0Jb ReadOnlyOauthTokenScope
0Jd ForecastingCategoryMapping
0Je UserProvisioningConfig
0Jf DomainSite
0Jg ForecastingTypeToCategory
0Ji MacroInstruction
0Jj CopySuspension
0Jk ReadOnlySecurityToken
0Jl ReadOnlyLoginIp
0Jm ReadOnlyLoginIpEmail
0Jn PlatformActionList
0Jo PlatformActionListItem
0Jp ReadOnlyClientBrowser
0Jq SCSInboundSettings
0Jr ThirdPartyAccountLink
0Js SkinnyIndex
0Jt SkinnyIndexColumn
0Ju RelationshipInfo
0Jv RelationshipDomain
0Jy StandardAction
0Jz TodayGoal
0K0 ActionKnowledgeSubmit
0K2 ActionChatterPost
0K3 ActionChatterPostRecipient
0K4 SamplingStrategy
0K6 SampledEntity
0K7 StorageConfigAuditTrail
0KA UserConfigTransferSkill
0KB UserConfigTransferButton
0KD TabDefinition
0KG SqlIdToRequestMap
0KO SecurityHealthCheckRisks
0KY StandardValueSet
0Kg TwoFactorMethodsInfo
0Kh FormulaFunctionCategory
0Km CustomAppMetrics
0Kn FormulaFunction
0Ko GlobalVariable
0Kp TwoFactorMethodsInfoLocal
0Kq LoginFlow
0L2 TenantPlatformLicense
0L3 TenantUserLicense
0L4 TenantEditionLicense
0L5 TenantAddOnLicense
0LC TenantLicensingRequest
0LD RecalcCampaignStats
0LE SamlSsoConfig
0LG ReportInstance
0LH SocialKeyJobLog
0LI SocialKeyEntityErrorLog
0LN StorageSizeJob
0LO SetupAssistantAnswer
0Lc LicensedCustomPermission
0Ld LicenseDefinition
0Le ExternalServiceRegistration
0Lf UserFeedChannel
0Li AssetTokenEvent
0Lj AnalyticActionConfiguration
0Lm NavigationLinkSet
0Lq EmbeddedServiceDetail
0M0 FlexiPage
0M1 SocialUserAuth
0M2 FlexiPageRegion
0M3 SocialKeyParentRecord
0M4 SocialKeyPersonaRecord
0M6 StreamingChannel
0M9 SandboxObserver
0MD SearchPromotionRule
0ME SessionLevelPolicy
0MF SynonymDictionary
0MH TransitionMessage
0MJ SystemStreamingChannel
0MK XCleanMatchRateMetrics
0MN LayoutSectionState
0MO AppNotifTypeOrgSetting
0MR MetricsDataFile
0MV UserFavorite
0MW BuffaloOrgEstimate
0Ma SandboxObserver2
0Mi NavigationMenuItem
0N0 UserMembershipSharingRule
0N1 UserCriteriaSharingRule
0N2 UserShare
0N3 UserSharingRuleFilterItem
0NB SecureAgent
0ND SecureAgentPlugin
0NE SecureAgentPluginProperty
0NI TransactionSecurityPolicy
0NK S2XAdminError
0NL StandardReportType
0NM SearchQuerySuggestion
0NN PostArchivalDeletionRequest
0NQ TransactionSecurityAction
0NR TransactionSecurityActionEvent
0NU ReputationLevel
0NV ReputationPointsRule
0Na UserListView
0Ng CleanInfo
0Nh CleanActivityLog
0Ni UserProvAccount
0Nj CleanEntityError
0No LiveChatBlockingRule
0Np XCleanBulkJob
0Nt SharedPicklistDefinition
0Nv EntityParticle
0Nw UserAppMenuCustomization
0O0 XinstanceInfo
0O1 TwoFactorU2F
0O6 FieldMappingField
0O7 FieldMappingRow
0O8 FieldMapping
0OC TransactionSecurityCondition
0OO ProcessInstanceNode
0P0 FlowVariableAssignment
0P1 Certificate
0P2 CertificateIp
0PD CustomPermissionDependency
0PF ParallelJobItemData
0PL PermissionSetLicense
0PQ ProcessTimeQueue
0PS PermissionSet – Permission set metadata
0Pa PermissionSetAssignment
0Q0 Quote
0Q1 OutgoingEmail
0Q3 OutgoingEmailRelation
0Qc ActionQuickCreate
0Qt VerificationHistory
0Qy SecureAgentsCluster
0QD QuoteDocument
0QL QuoteLineItem
0QR QuoteTemplateRichTextData
0R2 UiPlugin
0RA ActivityRelation
0RD RecommendationDefinition
0RE EventRelation
0RT TaskRelation
0SE ProfileSkillEndorsement
0SM ProfileSkillUser
0SO AuthProvider
0SP SocialPersona
0SR SignupRequest
0ST SocialPost
0Sk ProfileSkill
0TI TopicIndex
0TO Topic
0TR CloudConfiguration
0TT Trialforce Template
0TY TopicOntology
0Tt TopicTerm
0UM SsoUserMapping
0UT TenantUsageEntitlement
0W0 WorkThanks
0W1 WorkBadgeDefinition
0W2 WorkBadge
0W3 WorkReward
0W4 WorkRewardFund
0W5 WorkAccess
0W7 WorkPerformanceCycle
0W8 WorkFeedbackQuestionSet
0WA WorkFeedbackQuestion
0WB WorkFeedback
0WC WorkFeedbackRequest
0WD WorkCoaching
0WE WorkGoal
0WF WorkGoalCollaborator
0WG WorkGoalLink
0WH WorkRewardFundType
0WI Goal
0WJ Metric
0WK GoalLink
0WL WorkFeedbackTemplate
0WM MetricDataLink
0WO WorkOrder
0XA NamedCredential
0XC ExternalDataSource – Data Source for External Objects
0XR SalesforceIqUser
0XU ExternalDataUserAuth
0Ya LoginHistory
0Ym SetupAuditTrail
0Yq RateLimitIntBuckets
0Ys ParallelJobStatus
0Yu IdpEventLog
0Yw UserLogin
0ZQ SendEmailActionDefinition
0aD AuraDefinitionChange
0ab AuraDefinitionBundleInfo
0ad AuraDefinitionInfo
0am AudienceMembership
0ca ChatterActivity
0cs OauthConsumerScope
0e1 ProfileClientSettings
0eb EntityBlacklist
0en Endorsement
0eo CommChannelLayout
0ep CommChannelLayoutItem
0eq CommChannelLayoutMapping
0fr FeedRecommendationInfo
0hc HashtagCount
0hd HashtagDefinition
0ht Hashtag
0in KnowledgeableUser
0ka UserListPreference
0mt ManagedTopicLocation
0ns ProcessNodeSecurity
0rp RemoteProxy – Remote Site Setting to allow access to an external URL.
0sp ServiceProvider
0sr ScheduledRecommendation
0t0 TagDefinition
0tR TopicRecordSetting
0tS TopicSuggestionSetting
0ta TopicComputeStatus
0te TopicUserEvent
0tg TopicGroupActivity
0tn TopicNameChange
0tr TrendingTopic
0ts ProcessTransitionSecurity
0tu TopicUserActivity
0ur UserRecSummary
100 UserLicense
101 ExternalString – Custom Label
102 FeatureLicense
10y TaskRecurrenceException
10z EventRecurrenceException
110 ObjectPermissions
111 EventComments
112 ProposedEventTime
113 ProposedEventResponse
11a DBCThumbnail
19i EmbeddedServiceBranding
1AB CleanAccountBackup
1CA AccountCleanInfo
1CB CleanContactBackup
1CC ContactCleanInfo
1CF PathAssistantStepInfo
1CL LeadCleanInfo
1CP PathAssistant
1CS PathAssistantStepItem
1EF DataDotComFieldSetting
1ES DataDotComEntitySetting
1EV CustomEvent
1FS CleanFieldSettingOld
1JS CleanJobSetting
1HB LoginEvent
1HC PlatformEventMetric
1L7 ComparisonSummary
1L8 ComparisonResult
1LB CleanLeadBackup
1S1 MenuItem
1SA StampAssignment
1ST Stamp
1WL WorkOrderLineItem
1bm BranchMerge
1br Branch
1cb ChangeListBranch
1ci Integration
1cl ChangeList
1dc MetadataContainer – from the Tooling AP
1de IDEWorkspace
1do ApexExecutionOverlayAction
1dp IDEPerspective
1dr ContainerAsyncRequest – from the Tooling API
1gh GitHubRepositoryLink
1gp GitHubPushOperation
1mr MetadataRevisionTemplate
1pm PartitionLevelMember
1ps PartitionLevelScheme
1rp Repository
1rr ResetAsyncRequest
1sa StagingArea
1vc VersionedContentEntity
200 ChunkableTask
201 ChunkableEntityTally
202 ChunkableEntityChunk
203 ChunkableEntityTally2
204 SfdcPartner
205 ChunkableEntityChunk2
2FE CleanFactEntityClaim
2FF CleanFactFieldClaim
2LA PermissionSetLicenseAssign
300 FlowDefinition – InteractionDefinition – Visual Workflow or Flow
301 InteractionDefinitionVersion
308 InteractionCondition
309 InteractionOperand
30A InteractionAllocator
30C InteractionChoice
30D InteractionDecision
30F InteractionForm
30L InteractionConnector
30Q InteractionQuestion
30R InteractionReference
30S InteractionStatement
30V InteractionVariable
30W InteractionWait
30a InteractionAllocation
30c InteractionConstant
30d InteractionDataColumn
30e InteractionWaitEvent
30f InteractionFormula
30g InteractionLayoutGroup
30m InteractionApexCall
30p InteractionWaitEventParam
30r InteractionResource
30t InteractionTodo
30v InteractionValueList
310 InteractionLayoutDetail
31A Subinteraction
31C SubinteractionVariableAssignment
31S InteractionSwitch
31V InteractionFieldValue
31c InteractionChoiceLookup
31d InteractionDataSource
31i InteractionDataInput
31o InteractionDataOutput
31v InteractionValueListEntry
3DP EventDeliveryData
3HP EventSubscriptionHandleData
3Db EventDelivery
3Dp EventDeliveryParam
3J5 ProfileIpRestrictionMetrics
3M0 DataDotComCleanMetrics
3M1 OrgObjectsMetrics
3M2 OrgStandardObjectsMetrics
3M3 ChatterMetrics
3M4 ChatterOrgWideMetrics
3M5 NetworkCustomerLoginMetrics
3M6 NetworkPartnerLoginMetrics
3MA PermissionSetMetricsByOrg
3MB DataDotComSocialMetrics
3MC OpportunityMetrics
3MD ContentMetrics
3ME CustomObjectUsageMetrics
3MF SharingRowCauseMetrics
3MG SharingMetrics
3MH IdeaMetrics
3MI UserDimMetrics
3MJ PermissionSetLicenseMetrics
3MK OpptyAndPricingMetrics
3MM ChatterGroupConMetrics
3MN ChatterUserNetworkMetrics
3MO QuickActionMetrics
3MQ VisualforceMetrics
3MR EventLogFileMetrics
3MS DataDotComListPoolMetrics
3MT ProcessMetrics
3MU DeclarativePlatformMetrics
3MV SharingUserMetrics
3MW PlatformOrgObjectMetrics
3N1 ExtIdentityLoginMetrics
3NA CustomObjectUserLicenseMetrics
3NO OpportunitySplitMetrics
3NS SandboxOrgDimensionMetrics
3NT SandboxDimensionMetrics
3NU DataDotComCleanPrefMetrics
3NV TwoFactorMetrics
3NW NetworkPowerCustomerLoginMetrics
3NX LightningComponentMetrics
3NY ChatterUniqueContributorDailyMetrics
3NZ ChatterActivityDailyMetrics
3PP EventParameterData
3Pb EventPublication
3Ph EventPublicationHandle
3Pp EventPublicationParam
3SP EventSubscriptionData
400 ApexClassMember
401 ApexTriggerMember
402 ApexPageMember
403 ApexComponentMember
404 WorkflowRuleMember
405 ValidationRuleMember
406 WorkflowFieldUpdateMember
407 WorkflowTaskMember
408 WorkflowAlertMember
410 WorkflowOutboundMessageMember
412 CustomFieldMember
413 ContentLogMetricsByFileType
4A0 PendingChange
4F0 ApexClassVersion
4F1 ApexTriggerVersion
4F2 ApexPageVersion
4F3 ApexComponentVersion
4F4 CustomFieldVersion
4F5 EntityDefinitionVersion
4NA CooperSettingsMetrics
4NB SupportOrgWideMetrics
4ci CompactLayoutItemInfo
4cl CompactLayoutInfo
4co SearchLayout
4dt DataType
4fe FieldDefinition
4fp UserFieldAccess
4ft ServiceFieldDataType
4ie EntityDefinition
4pb Publisher
4pv PicklistValueInfo
4sr Service
4st ServiceDataType
4sv ServiceVersion
4ve ApexPageInfo
4ws WebServiceDefinition
4wt WsdlDataType
4xs XmlSchema
500 Case
501 Solution
570 LiveChatTranscript
571 LiveChatVisitor
572 LiveChatDeployment
573 LiveChatButton
574 QuickText
5CS ChatSession
5Pa SessionPermSetActivation
5Sp SegmentSpace
604 PLAN
608 ForecastShare
6AA AssociationQueueItem
6AB EventAssociationItem
6AC MailAssociationItem
6AD TaskAssociationItem
6SS SegmentSpaceChunk
6pS PartitionStatus
700 MetadataChangeTemplate
701 Campaign
707 AsyncApexJob
708 BatchApexRelationship
709 ApexTestQueueItem
70a AssetShare
70b AssetOwnerSharingRule
70c AssetCriteriaSharingRule
70d AssetSharingRuleFilterItem
710 LoginIp
711 ApiLoginKey
712 LoginIpEmail
713 ClientBrowser
714 ApexCodeCoverage
715 ApexCodeCoverageAggregate
716 ApexOrgWideCoverage
729 Photo
737 FieldHistory
750 AsyncApiJob – Bulk Query Job
751 AsyncApiBatch – Bulk Query Batch
752 AsyncApiQueryResult – Bulk Query Result
753 TempStore
754 AsyncApiJobOptions
766 UiStyleDefinition
777 UiStyle
7Eq LeadConvertMapping
7dl DebugLevel
7tf TraceFlag
7tg S2XGoogleServiceAccount
800 Contract
801 Order
802 OrderItem
806 Approval
80D OrganizationValue
811 ContractLineItem
817 S2XTransaction
820 S2XRecordMap
822 S2XUserMap
823 S2XServiceAccount
824 S2XTransactionLock
825 S2XEventRecordMap
888 OauthConsumer – Remote Access
889 OauthConsumerAsset
9BV PackageBooleanValue
9DV PackageDateValue
9NV PackageIntegerValue
X00 Found in the PermissionSet Name column where the ProfileId is also defined. It matches the ProfileId with the exception of the key prefix.
CF00N Custom Field Id using in the query string. Note the keyprefix isn’t actually CF0. In this case “CF” has been appended to the “00N” of the Custom Field Definition.
ka0 Article – Knowledge Article
See Also:

Knowledge Article Number: 000005995 – Standard Field Record ID Prefix Decoder
RegEx to validate Salesforce Id
Anonymous Apex to determine type from Id
System.debug(System.LoggingLevel.ERROR, Id.valueOf(‘0EM100000000111’).getSObjectType());
Anonymous Apex to determine keyprefix and List URL from type
Schema.DescribeSObjectResult r = AdBookOrderSynchronizationQueue__c.sObjectType.getDescribe();
System.debug(URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl().toExternalForm() +’/’+ r.getKeyPrefix() );

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