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publication and licensing of your application

The following are other organization types that you will eventually eed in order ot manage the publication and licensing of your application.

Production/CRM Org: the purpose of this organization for managing contacts, leads, opportunities, cases and other CRM objects.

AppExchange Publishing Org (APO) This org is used to manage your use of AppExchange. This org is actually the same Salesforce org you designate as your production org, and is where you conduct your sales and support activities from

License Management Org (LMO) Within this org, you can tack who installs your application (as leads), the licenses you grant them, and for how long. It is recommended that this is the same org as the APO described.

Trialforce Management Org (TMO) / and Trialforce Source Org (TSO) Trailforce is a way to provide orgs with your preconfigured application data so that prospective customers can try out your application before buying.

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